History of Apple Core


With the introduction of the Macintosh, The Apple Company completely revised the entire computer industry, including PCs.

David Knoflicek, an early member, calls the Apple graphic user interface and operating system “the Crown Jewel.”  In his opinion, one of the big break- throughs was the COPY command.

He also said that our Apple Core organization at the beginning was only for Apples (Apple IIs followed). Knoflicek was working at Team Electronics. He bought his first Mac at a store at 26th and Minnesota in Sioux Falls, SD. He noted that In the early days prior to computer stores, people built their own computers from purchased components.

A problem that the Apple group had in the early years was that members who were presenting programs had to bring their own computer equipment to the Library meeting place for the programs. Later, Apple Core purchased equipment for program use.


Apple Core was started in 1986 for the enjoyment and spread of Apple and Macintosh computers.

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